We inspire our team to make the most of their potential and to fulfill their mission

together. We apply excellence in everything we do and we create a positive impact on



We are honest with ourselves, colleagues and superiors.


Under all circumstances we act transparently and decide through objectiveness and fairness.


Our behavior, intentions and actions represent a standard, a healthy moral role-model, functional and compatible with everything we name right and positive.


We like what we do.

We are motivated, we act with passion and we do our best to achieve remarkable results.


We are open (frank), we trust each other, we respect and we honor our promises.


We stand being human and kind, with enormous soul and support for each other, in every situation. We cultivate the noble intention and common good as the vector in everything we do.


We know we can do better. We act continuously to become the best version of ourselves.

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MISO operates with:

  • 14 families of products;
  • 230 articles;
  • 6000 sqm – factory surface;
  • 2000 sqm – the area of the warehouse.

MISO TEXTILE provides jobs for 544 people, most of them working at the textile manufacturing factory in Bălţi.